Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Task 3 – Provide and reflect on instruction

Training session:

During training session, first I did asked him what he know about hardware, software and computer peripherals instead of teaching him theory. Then detailed information of various hardware, software periphaerals and specialy ports of computer was given by me. After that I demostrate him how to setup a computer. And then he was asked to demostrate the learned skill without any help.

Difference between training session and instructional plan:
In the instructional plan first he was taught theory part but in training session first few questions were asked and then demesration was given. And it worked well because he was more intersted in practical, then computer setup method was taught to him.

Few things need to be improved like more visual aid should be shown, like in the form of games so that it keeps the trainer intersted in learner.